God is Good . . . All The Time!
Our Lady of Lourdes
  1. Celebrating the Feast of All Saints Day!

Youth Group fundraising

  1. Managing Director
    In the muck
  2. Managing Director
    Learning to overcome
  3. Managing Director
    Lending a hand up.
  4. Managing Director
    While shouting the FIFA World cup theme song
  5. Managing Director
    Beautiful Scenery
  6. Managing Director
    Slip Sliding Away
  7. Managing Director
    Crabby Games
    Trying to work under slippery conditions.
  8. Managing Director
    Fearless Leader
    The mud did not smell good.
  9. Managing Director
    Title 27
We always need support

Ove the course of a schoo year, we usually participate in several retreats, trips, lock-in's etc.  Any support is appreciated.

Below is a button that works like a gofundme account.  It is a way to electronically send money directly to Our Lady of Lourdes, which is a tax write off, and help support Youth initiatives.  

We usually scholarship less fortunate teens for all of our functions along with trying to lower costs to all through fundraising.  100% of your donation goes directly to programming for students in 6th-8th grades.  

God Bless you and Thank you for your gift!
Please Donate