Our Lady of Lourdes
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  1. First Reconciliation
    First Reconciliation
    All dressed in pure white

Confirmation is the sacrament where a person is sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and are strengthened in their Christian life.  This means we are called to become active Catholics that do not just go through the motions but truly live out the Gospel in our daily lives.  
For Confirmation, we are going to approach it a little different this year.  Teens need to be in High School to be confirmed.  Online registration form is here .
The date is Friday, May 4th, 2018 at 7 pm in the Church.  I have attached the booklet outlining all of the details and requirements for Confirmation HERE .  Please take time to read through the whole packet and if you have any questions, please call Scott at 321-723-3636 x 15 or email at  scotthoey@ollmlb.org 
To sign up for the interview with Father Karl, click here .
Youth Events
To register your student in the Youth Group, click here.
  1. 9/24/2017
    Adoration for High School
    Sunday night we will have a special night with Adoration and live music
  2. 10/8-10/29/17
    Confirmation retreat Planning Sessions
    This is for the confirmation candidates to serve their peers by hosting a day retreat