Our Lady of Lourdes
Happy Easter  . . . Jesus is Risen!
  1. Father Karl Celebrating Mass during a Mission.
    Father Karl Celebrating Mass during a Mission.
  2. Sacred Oils
    Sacred Oils
  3. Outdoor Mass
    Outdoor Mass
    Crowning Mary
  4. Deacon Rick
    Deacon Rick
    A fond farewell
Adult Faith Formation
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) is the way to learn about the Catholic Church and become a member in full communion.  Classes typically run from September through Easter.  RCIA meets on Thursday nights from 7-8:30pm in the ministries building.  For more info please contact Bob and Barbara Schoenly at  ussbecuna@aol.com
  1. 3
    Intro to apologetics
    Learning to defend the Catholic Faith
    Tuesday 9/13 from 7-8pm
  2. 4
    The Church in Modern Times
    All the changes since Vatican II. How the church does adapt and change while still maintaining the Truth as revealed by Jesus Christ.
    Tuesday 10/11 7-8pm
  3. 5
    Pentacost and sending forth
    A night of discipleship
    Tuesday 11/8 7-8pm