Weddings and Funerals

Our parish is sensitive to your sacramental needs.  If you would like to schedule a wedding or funeral at Our Lady of Lourdes, please contact Patti Eastwood at or call the office at 321.723.3636

Baptisms, First Communion, and Reconciliation

These wonderful milestones can happen at different times in a person’s life.  Typically, we baptize as infants, receive Reconciliation and First Communion in second grade.  OLL will be happy to sit down and work with you on your child’s needs.  To start the formation, please contact Patty Taylor at or 321-723-3636.



Is when a person completes the Sacraments of Initiation and fully joins the Catholic church.  We typically confirm students in grades 9-12th.  .  All of the information and registration can be found here.  Contact the parish office for information.