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This ministry distributes the Body and Blood of our Lord during weekday and weekend masses as well as Holy Days. One must be in a state of grace and receive training by the Diocese of Orlando during a workshop. Once all requirements are met, the Bishop will sign a mandate allowing the individual to serve at a particular parish. If you have interest in this ministry, email MariannEdwards@ollmlb.org

The Hospitality Ministry have several different tasks at each mass. They are normally the first people to greet you once you enter the church. They may help you find a seat or provide aid to someone in need. They also take a census during each mass and pass the basket for collections. Per Diocese of Orlando policies, all hospitality ministers must be background checked every 5 years through the FBI/FDLE screening process. When leaving church, a hospitality minister will hand out bulletins and hold the door while wishing you a good day. Lastly, once the congregation has left, the ministers tidy up the church before the next mass begins. If you have interest in this ministry, email MariannEdwards@ollmlb.org

God’s Word is alive in the Reader’s Ministry. Readers demonstrate their love for the Word by using oral communication skills to allow their personal faith to be shaped by the Word and to share this as proclamation in true humility.

Time commitment involves two to three hours of personal preparation and prayer with the assigned readings for the week. On-going formation in this ministry includes attendance at spiritual/skill building classes throughout the year. Readers are selected through a discernment/audition process. If you have interest in this ministry, email MariannEdwards@ollmlb.org

The Altar Server Ministry enhance the quality of liturgical celebrations by assisting the priest in various ways during Mass. Not only does this ministry offer an extremely important service in the Liturgy, but it is a wonderful way for young people to learn and understand the elements which comprise the Mass. Preferred age is 4th grade up to and including adults. Training is required. If you have interest in this ministry, email MariannEdwards@ollmlb.org

The Sacristan Ministry assists the priest and the other ministers in the immediate preparation for Mass. Sacristans arrive 30 minutes before Mass to prepare the altar and sanctuary. The sacristan prepares the bread and wine to be consecrated during Mass and sets out the proper books and vessels. After Mass, the sacristan returns the sacred vessels and articles for worship to their proper places. If you have interest in this ministry, email MariannEdwards@ollmlb.org

Once becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC), an individual can attend a local training and become fingerprinted through the Diocese of Orlando in order to visit the sick and homebound while distributing Holy Communion. If you have interest in this ministry, email MariannEdwards@ollmlb.org

Our parish has several options when it comes to the music ministry. We currently have 4 different choir’s (English and Spanish) and will be adding a children’s choir shortly. We are always looking for musician’s to help out as well. A hand bell choir is being formed for those who can read music well. If you have interest in this ministry, email MariannEdwards@ollmlb.org

The Arts and Environment Ministry is responsible for the worship environment of our church. This includes decorating the church for seasons of the church year as well as maintaining plants.

Ministry members plan for the various liturgical seasons and assign various tasks and responsibilities. Special attention and planning are given to the major seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter. Members of this ministry cultivate their creativity in faith-filled applications such as working with plants and floral arranging, sewing & painting to enhance the worship environment. This ministry works closely with the Director of Liturgy. If you have interest in this ministry, email MariannEdwards@ollmlb.org

A group of people from the community who get together twice a week, Monday & Friday, to dust, vacuum, clean restrooms and find lost items. Special cleaning is done for funerals and weddings. All are welcome to share in fellowship and companionship as we strive to show that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” For information, please contact Parish Office 321-7233636

Our Lady of Lourdes Missions Ministry motto is to serve, to receive, to grow.

All are invited to participate in this mission. The ministry supports missions both locally and internationally. The missions aims to share God’s love by helping all people both near and far. Activities range from collecting school supplies for local student to participating in construction projects in the Dominican Republic. Every individual has a unique treasure and talent; participating in the ministry is a special way to share your gift. The ministry needs and appreciate all talents and treasures; no special skills or experience is required to participate.

To volunteer or to ask a question please email missions@ollmlb.org


This is the method where someone would decide to learn more and have the opportunity to join the Catholic Faith. RCIA teams need sponsors to help the initiates through the process. For more info please email pattytaylor@ollmlb.org

From the moment of our founding in 1882, charity has been the first principle of the Knights of Columbus. We are men of faith and men of action.

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Mission Statement: Support, empower and educate all Catholic Women in spirituality, leadership and service. Support Genesis House, Sharing Center, Women in third world countries and our own parish. Come & Join us. For Information contact Debbie Anderson at: daanderson2010@gmail.com

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